February 13th, 2007

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Rome Girl has an appointment at 8 p.m. to talk to the lawyer about whether she should sign the non compete agreement with her old company or not. She wants to find out how much it would really limit her finding a new job and if she should ask for extra compensation if she agrees to sign it. Also it's not clear what happens if she signs it. The company is hinting they might give her the money they owe her, but have not exactatly said so outright.

I find it sorta odd - since their argument is that she was a fuck up, why would they care if she competes against him or not. Hell, if I ran a company I'd want fuck ups to work for the competition!

The Wire Season Three

Just finished watching Season Three of The Wire.

Random observations:

1. Barksdale is a complete idiot.

2. That inter-racial sex scene in the last episode is fucking hot! I didn't realize american shows did that shit anymore.

3. Ditto the cheating lesbian sex scene.

4. The season makes me want to march on washington to legalize drugs.

5. Say it ain't so, String. Say it ain't so.

6. Do you think Omar is considered a positive or negative character in the gay community? I mean he's the only male gay on the show and he's a complete piece of shit. On the other hand he's a gay gangster who rips off drug dens - and that's about as far from gay stereotypes as you are going to get.

7. Boy, Baltimore sucks.

8. I still think The Shield is a better show about fuckup cops.

9. McNulty won't stay in patrol for long.

10. I like the war metaphors.