February 11th, 2007


If Rome Girl gets a settlement from her company we are probably going to both buy new computers since she'll have to return hers to them and my computer is on its last legs.

We were thinking of getting matching MacBooks. But, I've never owned a Mac before. One of my reasons for wanting one is that I have to visit so many porn sites for work that with my PC I'm constantly worried about viruses and adware - which I'm told are not an issue with Macs.

That said, I do have some concerns:

1. Does anyone have any experience with MacBooks and know if they are any good?

2. Is it hard to get used to using a Mac?

3. Will it be much, much harder to get software and games?

4. I use UTorrent to get episodes of 24. I notice there is no UTorrent download for Mac. Are there similar bit torrent programs for Macs?

5. Does having no right click button drive you insane?

6. Is there anything else I should be worried about?