February 9th, 2007

The Day The Cool Kid Died

Has anyone else noticed how the number one comment/feeling on LJ about Anna Nicole Smith's passing is how much we all liked her? LIke, not in a sexpot way, but in like "You know, she really was cool and I'm gonna miss her" sort of way.

I've yet to see this reaction to a celebrity passing in LJ Land.

vintagehandbag's comment that she was clearly a fuckup but the kind of fuckup we all new in high school who was fun and never meant anyone any harm, is probably the closest to the truth. Plus, beyond that she was cool in the way famous people should be cool. She wasn't a ridiculous scenster like Paris Hilton or some weird Big Thing like Britney, she was just a big old dumb harmless fun girl who never took herself too seriously.

And, not to be too fucking cliche, just like Marilyn, the world never gave her a fucking break.

That's why she was really cool and the world is a worse place for her passing.

I stayed in last night and played video games and followed the news and Rome Girl went out and chilled with the girls.

Blonde Lesbian, the Dominant Gangster Bartender and myself all have birthday's comming up in the next week so we need to guard our livers.

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The Diva Cup

On freelance job boards today there is someone who is looking for ad copy for this product.

Rome Girl, who had never heard of this concept before, is horrified.

"My vagina is not going to save the Earth," she said.


The fact that the New York Times didn't put Anna Nicole Smith's death on the front page shows exactly how boomer centric that paper (and most other "serious") newspapers are and how they could give a shit about my generation.

I bet if it had been a Beatle or Twiggy or Gloria Steinam or some 1960s icon it would have been above the fold.

That said, I've often figured that newspapers are clueless about how to run death stories. I remember freaking out when I was at Gannett and USA Today ran Pol Pot's obit on an inside page (as well as Kurt Cobain's) yet George Harrison got the same front page treatment as a former president.


P.S. The Daily News headline "Scandal In The Wind" is awesome.