February 8th, 2007

Rock On!

Emma's Sexy Mom is out of her coma and being moved from ICU to a regular room.

She's also asking for cigs, so I suspect she's feeling better.

We are still scared to open the trunk of her car.


Since Rome Girl got laid off I've been spending part of my days trying to find her freelance gigs. I've gotten her a few and the clients seem to love her, which is a good thing.

What's interesting is that finding her freelance gigs in no way cuts down on the number of freelance gigs that I get - because even though we are very similar in many ways our brains work very fucking differently as soon as Microsoft Word is booted onto the screen.

She has no interest at all in the creative writing gigs. The idea of taking a blank page and making it not blank holds exactly zero appeal.

Yet, that's the shit I live for.

On the other hand what she loves are these "rewriting" gigs. The deal is that some guy has stumbled upon a book, ebook, website, whatever that is making money for someone. Figuring that if it makes money for one person it will make money for another person he or she hires Rome Girl.

She then takes all the information in the source and changes it just enough to avoid copyright problems and creates a new website, ebook or whatever.

I think it's the puzzle aspect that intrigues her. You have all these pieces and it's now your job to reassemble them in some different, but meaningful way.

It would drive me nuts, but she's damn good at it and there are lots more people willing to pay for this than there are for the type of shit I do (mostly because a lot of people are never willing to take a risk on a new idea.)


Some days I look at certain items on my portfolio and wonder if it would be fun to apply for a copywriting job at a bank or investment firm and list them as my previous experience.








My favorite bit of text comes from the Amazing Yoko site:

I felt like such a bad girl the first time I pulled up those fishnets. It made me feel naughty. But then I imagined showing my black clad legs to a man. It made me flush with desire. I had to put on my schoolgirl uniform right away, just to feel like a good girl again.

I buy lots of clothes and sometimes I feel like they control me. When I dress up and feel very feminine it just makes me feel so submissive. I imagine myself being ravished.