February 7th, 2007

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Has anyone else noticed that Gore polls well in the summer and poorly in the winter?

I suspect this is because people have less interest in wonks talking about global warming when there is snow on the ground and they are freezing their asses off.

Hell, if I was in Chicago right now, I'd probably be begging my neighbors to run their SUVs.

It's interesting, however, since elections are held in the fall, when it's neither too warm, nor too cold.

Deep Thoughts

Every Wednesday at noon Montpellier tests out it's emergency warning system by blasting the siren for about three minutes.

I wonder what they would do if a smart terrorist decided that noon Wednesday was the perfect time for an attack?

Proof That God Exists!

Britney munches box!

She ate pussy at least 20 times while married to K-Fed!

One night she brought six girls into her bedroom and pulled a girl train!

She also likes threesomes!

And cocaine!

And lesbian sex while on cocaine!

Thank you jesus!

Thank you allah!

Thank you kali!

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