February 3rd, 2007

Ordinary People

It's really hard for me sometimes not to wish bad things on my step-mother.

For the past couple of months the only contact she's had with me is to brag about how she's flying out a dozen people to Indiana and putting them up in luxury cabins for a three day party for my brother's graduation in May.

So, imagine my shock when she sent me an email the other day asking what I wanted for my birthday. This came as a double shock, because it was the first time since my wife left me more than four years ago that she's asked me what I wanted for either Christmas, a birthday or anything.

I responded by explaining that I've been having a lot of problems with my computer (it randomly shuts off, sometimes types in random characters and all in all has been kerflunked since the fan broke.) I didn't ask for a new computer, but I did say that it would be great if she and my dad could help me buy a new one - since with Rome Girl being laid off, I really need to have a reliable machine to make money.

I got back a rambling, aparently drunken, invective telling me that Rome Girl and I should "tighten our belts", accusing me of wasting money and living the high life. This, from a woman who spends thousands and thousands of dollars a year maintaining a 1,000 acre summer estate that she visits maybe four weeks a year, drives BMWs and has her husband bring home expensive take out food from local restaurants every night because she doesn't like to cook.

It took every bit of self restraint I had not to tell her eat my ass.

But, if five months from now I get an email from her bragging about how she got The Idiot Child a new BMW for his graduation present, I will fucking lose it.

Important Update

In response to the advice you guys gave me the other day, I tried switching to the 50 cl plastic bottles of Coca-Cola instead of the 12 ounce cans.

I'm not a convert. There is slightly too much coke in the bottle. This means that I either end up feeling too full, or end up putting the bottle back in the fridge with only a tiny amount of coca cola in it - which means that later on I have not enough coke.

Plus, the plastic seems to give the soda a slightly odd taste, and it takes much longer to get cold in the fridge than cans do.

They called me mad when I said that the 12 ounce cans were best.

Who's mad now?