February 2nd, 2007

Montpellier Tabloid

Emma's Sexy Mom has started to come out of her coma this week.

Last night Miss Darling and Miss Specs went down to visit her. When they got there, the nurses were quite concerned and took them aside.

It seems that ESM had been talking, quite worriedly, about the trunk of her car. The nurses thought that perhaps there were drugs there and assured the Two Misses that if there were, they wouldn't tell anyone.

So, they went in and asked ESM what was up.

"You have to get the dead girl out of the boot of the car," she said.

This could get interesting.

50 Words Or Less

Erroticlectuals is having a contest for the best sexual story told in 50 words or less.

Here's my latest submission:

"I'm 16 and old enough for this, really," she thought when it began.

"This is what I want, really," she told herself when it was happening.

"Is that really all there is to it," she pondered when it was done.