February 1st, 2007

Courtney Spells Like Teen Spirt

So, Courtney Love's PR people decided they'd create a blog about her and what's up with her life. You know, cause all the cool kids are doing it.

Then, they made a fatal mistake.

They told the Hot Hole Lead Singer About the blog. And, aparently, taught her how to leave comments on the blog entries.

Her first comment is priceless.

hey all
thanks for al l the support, that took me by surpirse , but every good ones tyhe same as a bad one- i dont really read any of them unless smeone points it out to me an deven t hem i just try not to reaqd my own press, you have to make a decision in life to simply good or bad- stop reading it. It can alter your mood and so i just dont read it anymore, since about 7 months ago, dont have a google alert dont want one.
Im bone tired ive been writig every night with this gaggle of really cool musicians and i think we found the one- i took it to Linda lastnoght and in true Linda style she wrote a shorus in less than five minutes, its got an amazing prechoruis brindge and a verse thats catchy as fuck but no chorus, and she was bang on as usual, Today we have a big powwow with my new managers and i really like them ( not that i didnt like the other ones- i juts needed to change to wher ethere was a bgger infrastructure) so i have to get up and chant do my hair get a wrap- i have this wrap lady whose great- she dip[s ace bandages in green tea and cofee and you wear a sweat suit for an hour lookijng like a mummy and it toally works - its alot o f water weight but its also toxins and ive defintly lost inches sinc ei started using her, so out of the four songs thathave really taken it out of me- because this studio is a home studio and my friends im playing with sometimes think theyre making sgt peppers god blerss injstead of demos wich will be fine witha click and and an acoustic and a vox, bitthey are a new group of people just to mix things up and get a new perspective on songs- we have two good ones, and two so so ones, and i have a long while until i gp in with LP valnetines day and there s nor eason to quit wriutung til then, so even my bones ache, dude, im gonna take tomorrow off i have a friend in town who i really need to spend some time with. i cAN really isolate and get workaholickey and i have to be a little more social there sso many many women who have nothing to do in this town but shop its wierd and some of them are my friends……. i know ive been one when i was waiting for Linda but i stopped and started writing instead, always more of a better thing to do with ones time, wztche dlast king of scotland before bed the other night hey that scottosh actor is CUTE. okay i gotta get up and get goingi have a biog day and a loooong night, compsogtion is something i dont have a blast at but i slogt hrough and then voila ive got something.
lotsa love
PS still onshakes trying to watch the shakes cos you can have too many and lose nothing but im down 15 lbs since is started this diet., ive had a cookie here and a kit kat there but mostly just shake after shake, the less i have the quicker it goes.
and obviosuly exercising.

Random Notes On The Week That Was

My brother ate antelope for the first time. He then felt the need to IM me about the experience at 3 a.m. Antelope will do that to you.

The longer Rome Girl waits for a settlement from her company, the less she seems to shower. I think this is like some sort of "lucky sock" or sorrority dare sort of thing.

My computer can't scroll properly, randomly shuts down and is slow. But, it can suddenly translate any word on any page into French simply by leaving the cursor there for a minute.

Final Fantasy X is much harder when you do it the second time around with the "Advanced Sphere Grid." Is Final Fantasy XII any good?

I keep having dreams about being Rhett Butler and slapping the hell out of Scralett while she rambles on about Ashley Wilkes. Rome Girl has never seen this movie. Or, she saw it and hated it. All I can remember is that every time I suggest buying it, she makes it clear that it is unwelcome.

I've now made my annual switch from Heineken to Guinness. This will last until about April or May when it gets too warm to drink thick, dark brown alcohol.

Mr. Bitch is much more fun when he's a customer than when he's behind the bar.

I made Guinness Beef Stew. This time I added scallions shallots and juniper berries. You should too.

The flower shaped paint on the new tramline is really ugly.

In two weeks I'll be 38.

The clients I've gotten for Rome Girl seem to really like her. If this keeps up I'll give her a good year end review and a 3.5 percent raise. Then, she'll brag to her family and friends.

Shoppi is the grocery store of choice for the homeless, smackheads and beggers. This week they have a sale on large, sharp knives. I can't think this is a good thing.

I'm now out of cigs. I'm going to go buy some more.


LONDON, England (AP) -- "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the last of seven installments of the boy wizard's adventures, will be published July 21, author J.K. Rowling said Thursday.

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Let's Be The Bad Kids

In the spirit of the new Harry Potter book comming out and the Radcliffe pics that have been staining panties all week, I suggest a new game

Let's start the most ridiculous rumors about the new Harry Potter book possible.

Here are a few of my suggestions, but please add your own.

You know that no matter how crazy they are, someone will believe them.

1. Harry and Malfoy become lovers and the mixing of their seed creates a "HomoErrectus" potion that causes mahem in the Gryffindor dorm - much to the delight of Hermione and the other girls.

2. Right before his death, Dumbledore switched bodies with Snape and it's really Snape who died at the end of Book Six.

3. At the end of the book Voldemort reveals that he's really Hayden Christensen.

4. Ron is going to knock up Cho Chang.

5. Pavarti and Gini become lovers. But only because they want to make Barty Crouch jealous.

6. We finally meet Harry's dad. He reveals that he's been hiding in America under the alias, "Jack Bauer." He shoots Voldemort dead.

7. Ron Weasly is Voldemort.

8. The students finally figure out that nothing in Quiddich really matters except whomever catches the snitch. So, all the other players just hang out and talk while Harry and Malfoy chase it around.

9. Hillary Clinton becomes the new Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher.

10. Hermionie is a hermaphrodite.


"You know that guy you said you'd write the resume for $75 for," DEPW asked. "I just got him to agree to $80."

"That's why you deal with the clients and I don't," Rome Girl responded.

"Does that make me the boss or the secretary," DEPW said.

"I would say 'Administrative Assistant," Rome girl said. "I don't like to say 'secretary."

"Oh," DEPW said.

"Because, then I'd have to make you wear fishnets and bring me tea," she said.

"Oh," DEPW said. "But, I'd do that anyway."

"Right," said said. "But in this case, you'd have to."