January 31st, 2007


After bidding on some freelance jobs I went out in the afternoon to meet the guy who runs the Languedoc Page.

From now on he will be refered to as "Midlands Geezer."

He's a cool dude who has lived all around the world and sorta ended up a bit west of Nimes by accident. He started his website as a way to send photos to his family and friends. Now, it makes some money for him and allows him to meet new people and that's cool.

We had a couple of pints and then I went and played poker. I lost another two matches. I have clearly somehow insulted the poker gods, Loki, Oprah or some combination of the three.

I got home after grocery shopping and started cooking a big batch of Guinness Beef Stew.

Then Brunette Lesbian showed up with the news that Emma's Sexy Mom has come out of her coma and has started to talk a little bit! Rock the fuck on!

Later on we watched 24 and then the first episode of Season Three of Desperate Housewives.

With each episode of this show I love Bree a little more! I feel so bad for her that it took her so long to have her first orgasm! I wish I had been there for her when it happpened.

Might Be A Good Freelance Lead For Some Of You

This is on Elance this morning. Figured I'd point it out:

Project Description
Need several blog writers to start a blog and write and post to our social networking websites. Can be on any topic ranging from dating tips, business, travel, legal, modeling, immigration, politics, or anything that is interesting. It can be anything related to your specific interest.

Writers should start the blog on our site and add the article to our site within their blog. This could be done weekly or monthly. Articles don't need to be long. You should also invite friends from our site to join your blog.

Please quote per article and let us know which topic you would want to write about. We will select several writers for this project and the selection of writers will depend on the kind of topic you like to write about.

Please provide samples of your blog or any writings for other blogs.

This will be an ongoing project for writers. You can add your name to the blog and promote it through the site but do not promote products for others through the blog.

I'm A Convert

I love Coca-Cola and drink it often. But, because I am a Scottish American and therefore a cheap bastard, I usually buy the two liter bottles, because it ends up being cheaper than buying six packs of cans.

But, you know what?

Coke in cans is much, much better than coke in bottles. I mean, sure the first glass of coke you have out of a two liter bottle is great. It's fresh. It's sweet! It's a tasty treat!

But, each glass you have out of that bottle is slightly worse than the one before - because there is no way in hell to create a perfect seal. Your coke ends up having that not so fresh feeling.

Coke in cans is a different story. Each time you open a can, it's always perfect. And it's the perfect amount - so my soda always seems as fresh as a summer's eve.

So, fuck it.

From now on I'm being a maverick.

I'm going for the gold, soar like an eagle, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

I am going to swtich to six packs of coke.

I'm nervous.

Very Different Things

The Country Wakes Up with a Sore Ass and a Bad Taste in Its Mouth

Girl: Isn't Rumsfeld gay? I mean, isn't he, like, a known closet queen?
Queer: I don't... Is he? Is my 'dar off?
Girl: I think so.
Queer: No, I don't. I can't imagine any gay man would be self-hating enough to fuck Donald Rumsfeld.
Girl: Oh, please. Gay men have been self-hating enough to kill other gay men.
Queer: Yeah, but killing someone and fucking Rumsfeld are two very different things.

--Brooklyn College

Overheard by: I'd rather kill someone

via Overheard in New York, Jan 30, 2007