January 30th, 2007

Need Voodoo Or Good Juju!

I've had two of the worst days of poker in my life.

I think that after roughly 9 hours of playing seven card stud, a pair of jacks is the best I've done.

Anyone know any arcane rituals to break a losing streak like this?

I'll do anything that doesn't involve fresh cat blood.



Through the miricle of bit torrent technology over the past week we've watched Season Two and the first three episodes of Season Three of Deadwood.

I continue to get more and more impressed by this show. When we bought Season One, I wasn't really into it for the first two or three episodes. Then, around episode four, I started liking it a lot. By episode six I was hooked.

And yet... it continues to get better with every episode.

I never before realized that it was possible for the Dakotas to be interesting.

The Lucious Lipstick Lesbians think the people on it curse too much - but, really, I can't imagine these people not cursing.

I think Rome Girl is in love with Bullock.

Personally, I just want an Indian head in a box to talk to when I'm stressed.