January 22nd, 2007

The Ice Storm

First Rome Girl got laid off and then, this weekend, one of my best friends in town got really, really sick.

I hope that bad luck like this doesn't really come in threes.

The weekend was decent, however, and fairly drunken.

The highlight in town was on Friday night when Young Scottish Boy started preparing for his birthday on Saturday.

He was in O'Carolan's, drunk, when a russian girl bent over. He could see down her pants, so he took a pint and poured the beer down her ass crack.

The girl and one of her female friends went batshit and tried to throw a pint over him. They missed and instead soaked the innocent Mr. Bitch.

Young Scottish Boy then poured two pints over the two girls, who then started trying to beat him up until assorted friends could seperate them.

Girls! Girls! Girls!

My 21 year old brother now has his first girlfriend ever.

Of course, my mom is having a strange reaction to this.

Instead of being like "Holy shit! He's not gay!" which was my first response, she's aparently become convinced that Shane is going to marry her and make her a grandmother as soon as he gets out of college.

My dad realizes that this is paranoia and said to me "It's his first piece of blonde fluff. Of course she's dumb, but she's pretty and that's what Shane needs for his first girlfriend."

I have loads of sympathy because my mom reacted the same way when I had my frist serious girlfriend, Mafia Princess, when I was 20.

Also, if anything, her hating the girl is a good sign for Shane. She hated Mafia Princess, who was good for me and whom I still stay in contact with, but she loved The Ballerina, who married me and took me for everything I had.

So, So Awful

I Have Never Known Where the Line Is

Dude #1: This one girl I hooked up with once made me choke her and shit when we fucked. She wanted to struggle, and I had to pry her legs open and hold her down. And she cried afterward.
Dude #2, laughing: Dude... Are you sure you weren't raping this girl?
Dude #1, laughing: Man, fuck you. [Abruptly stops laughing, pales] ... Fuck, man...

--Penn Station

Overheard by: Jane

via Overheard in New York, Jan 19, 2007

Hilary Poll

Here is the latest poll data on if the general election were held today.

It shows Hillary beating Rudy, but Rudy beating Obama. Surprisingly it also shows Obama beating McCain and some other interesting scenarios.

Your thoughts?

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description
I`m looking for a ghost writer to take my story and translate it into a book.

The book will be full of facts and the objective is to turn it into a best seller!
Its starts off when a women reaches an age of 37 looks at her life and says she is not married and she wants kids.
Says to the world the complete opposite that she would never wants kids however.
She writes a strategic plan to capture a man with certain criteria as she is the master of planning(at that time national president of the assication of MBAs) and executes with precision.
The first child is born out of marriage even though this was in her plan and is latter found to be deaf. Many years of training goes into that child that keep the issues at bay. The partner she had trapped is 6 years younger and is caught in a vortex for 12 years living the most unhappy life with no love even though he is full of passion. He is tricked in to a second child. With the negative influences that are placed on him continually and emotionally he is plaeced on roll a coaster he looses his confidence and will to live. No love was ever present and he is traeted worse than an animal.
All she was after was his sperm, money and status in the community and states that to him eventually.
He however digs as deep as human nature can and bulids his will and strength to fight back.
The story has lots of twists and turns , relationships on one side, threats of murder or miniunm personal destruction.
The question that is posed is was it the stragic MBA course that made her exicute this way or is it inherant in a lot of women through evoultion and natural in build mechanism.