January 19th, 2007

The Passive Voice

A week or so ago the English language bookstore in town had a super sales on used books.

I picked up a bunch of the usual crime novels, a Stephen King and a copy of The Passive Voice.

I grabbed it because I was intrigued by a review on the back talking about it being about feminist bondage and wanted to see what that was all about. Plus, I figured it might give me some ideas for some of my porn jobs.

It's really interesting - not becuase it's dirty, which it is - because of the way it's dirty.

Almost all porn spends a lot of time talking about how the man feels, how excited he is, how good it feels to have his cock inside a woman, how much he wants her, how huge his orgasm is, etc...

This book is different. It's told entirely from the woman's perspective and you only ever get to know is how she feels. The male character is just a cypher. He really could be anyone. She's not the least bit interested in how he's feelig, it's all about her.

In fact the book can go for pages and pages without directly mentioning him at all.

It's seriously refreshing and shows what is so empty about most porn.

That said, my complaint about the book is that some of the stuff that she has done to her just seems silly - though I suppose that can be said about any fetish a particular reader doesn't particularly share.

For example at one point she puts on a tight corset that has been soaked in iching powder and then get's tied up (with a large dildo in her pussy and smaller one in her ass) so that she can't really scratch herself with her arms or her legs. Instead she has to use her stomach and back muscles to scratch herself on the bed (which of course causes the dildos to move slightly in her respective holes.) She describes the orgasm she eventualy has while being desperate to scratch an itch as a delightful mixture of release and frustration.

I think I'd just get annoyed.

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