January 18th, 2007


Rome Girl finished and got paid for the first freelance job I found for her. She seemed a little bit amazed when roughly 10 minute after she sent the document off to the client that they paid her and sent her a nice note of praise.

"This," I said, "Is why freelancing can be so much nicer than working for a real company."

She's also cut her hair short, which looks good and feels, to be at least, like part of her moving on from this company and on with her life.

It looks like she's going to get a new freelance contract today writing "How Men Think - A Woman's Guide To Dating."

Given that she dates me I shudder to think what she'll end up writing.

Also, what is there to write in that book other than, "Boobs! Butts! Pussy! Beer! Doritos! Rimming! Does she swallow? and More beer!"

I played a bit of poker last night with the Fuller Brush Man and The Iceman. They had been playing and drinkin all afternoon and I was sober so it was sort of an odd game. I ended up breaking even.

It's Young Scottish Boy's birthday on Saturday and some of his friends have started coming into town for the party. One of them I met yesterday and he is the tallest white man I have ever seen.

I guess this is why the highlanders were able to fight back the little brits for so long.

Rome Girl has a new bra that makes her tits and cleavage look like they could be used as weapons. This is a good thing.

Hard Knock Life

All of my work for the past few weeks has been for grant writing companies, e-bay companies, e-books and other seriously vanilla stuff.

I really, really hope I get a new porn writing job soon. Preferably something really, really dirty, like hairy 50 year old men banging 18 year old twink boys or lesbian anal strap on porn or something similar.

Seriously. The weirder the porn - and the less into the general subject matter I am - the more fun and funny it is to write.

I once had to do a section called "Urine Nation" for a broad, general gay porn site. I had like the best week of my life writing that thing and comming up with phrases like "the dream stream" and "get some yellow from your fellow."

Still, my favorite job ever was writing for Orgasm Denial and comming up with the tagline "Your satisfaction is not guaranteed."