January 16th, 2007


Rome Girl has been asked to write a memo justifying her job and what she can do for her company in the future.

This has us convinced that she's going to get laid off today, so we are sitting around on pins and needles - while trying to write the most kick ass memo that's ever been written while avoiding the sentence "I sit at home masturbating about a life that doesn't involve your company."

In the meantime I'm scouring the freelance job boards looking for projects she'd be good at and hoping we don't have to sell Squirt to the nice Vietnamese lady who buys kittens by the pound.

Dr. Feelgood

bkslice says in her blog today that Motley Crue should be the next bad boys to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I agree. Beyond the music - which was awesome during the first four albums - what other band can quite claim this line up:

Vince Neil - Killed a man and managed to serve no jail time. Really.

Nikki Six - Was technically dead for a few minutes. Within minutes after they pumped his stomach and revived him he ran out of the hospital and shot up more heroin.

Mick Mars - At one point decided that drinking booze was not efficient enough - so he started shooting up Jack Daniels.

Tommy Lee - Far, far too many things to list here. But, fuck it, you know about Tommmy Lee.


My computer last week forced me to download the latest version of Windows Media Player.

It looks much cooler than the old version and I love the way the album covers are now displayed next to the albums themselves.

But.... it has introduced, without explanation, a new butten called "Urge!"

Anyone have any idea what happens if I hit that button?

I'm concerned...