January 13th, 2007


This Woman is aparently one of the breakout stars at the annual AVN Conference (the yearly trade show for the adult industry.)

She does lesbian vampire BBW porn.

Who knew there was a market for this?

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I'm going to admit it. I don't understand the big deal people are making over the iPhone.

It doesn't seem to do anything that other, cheaper phones don't do. It doesn't have 3G access. It costs 600 fucking dollars!!! And because they are worried about it's OSX system crashing you won't be able to download any fucking ringtones - except from iTunes.

I mean, seriously, my phone can play music, text message, take photos and call people - and it cost 79 Euros.

I asked people WTF and got these responses:

"It does iThings!"

"It's sleek!"

"Every boy I know is geeking out about it!"

"It has no buttons!"

"It has a big screen."

Surely, I must be missing something here.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Polls

So, with the announcement that Van Halen's getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, my mind has been obsessing over two questions.

Perhaps you can help:

1. Each band has to do one of their famous songs with the other groups during the "jam" at the end of the ceremony. What song will The Mighty Van Halen do?


Running With The Devil?

Drop Dead Legs?


Right Now?


The mind boggles. Also, who of the three lead singers will sing it? And, will Michael Anthony or Eddie's son play bass?

2. Van Halen getting in clearly means we are about to hit the era where 80s metal bands are going to start getting in. Who do you think, of that genre, is next? I'm thinking Motley Crue, but perhaps you have other ideas.