January 8th, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday was awesome.

We woke up a little bit late and then showered and made ourselves smell nice. While Rome Girl was getting dressed the mixure or soap and girl and skin smells were so overwhelming I just had to bury my nose in her cleavage for a minute or two. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

We met The Iceman at the Lucious Lipstick Lesbian's place for brunch and then headed over to Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub.

We met The Dutchman - who was in town for the weekend - and it was so warm we all ended up playing poker outside. In January!!!!!!

I won many games and later on Fuller Brush Man came to join us. Then The Dirty Baker and CIA Man turned up everyone got a few beers and Rome Girl talked about her trip and it all seemed nice.

Rome Girl is now on a kick that we should move to Rome next year. This is fine with me, but since six months ago she wanted to move to Barcelona or Venice I'm taking it all with a grain of salt.

The Green Mile

New Jersey is thinking about getting rid of the death penalty.

This may be all well and good - since New Jersey has not actually executed anyone since 1960s and tends to just let them languish on death row at huge taxpayer expense.

Hell, they didn't even kill John List who in addition to slaughtering his entire family, is probably D.B. Cooper.

That said, part of me wishes they'd do just one first and wipe out this fucker before going all modern and life sentencing on their asses.

Seat Up!!!!

Rome Girl today bought some sticky velcro to keep the toilet seat up when I pee.

I think it may be the most thoughtful, romantic, gift I've ever had a girl give me.

I never have to choose between peeing on the seat or sitting down again!