January 7th, 2007

Weekend Update

1. Rome Girl is back!!!! And she brought a copy of The Cold Six Thousand which is one of my favorite books that I have not read in a few years.

2. Mr. Bitch is now comming back to Montpellier on Tuesday. This is because Young Scottish boy and Angel Heart are going to be in Barcelona and are giving him a ride back - thus saving him train fare.

3. The Lucious Lipstick Lesbians restaurant re-opens for brunch today. Yes!!!!

4. It's like 70 degrees here today.

5. They've raise the cost of the International Herald Tribune to 2.2 euros. That's like three bucks for a 19 page daily newspaper. It's almost theft.

6. Rome Girl brought me a Venitian glass ashtray. I'm terrified Squirt is going to destroy it.

7. Rome Girl liked the way I cleaned the apartment. Result!

8. O'Carolans is going to try to show part of the Superbowl whenever it is.

9. I finished both Lee Child books.