January 6th, 2007

Stiffler's Mom

There seems to be a perception in the world that as guys hit their 30s, 40s and 50s, rather then lusting after age appropriate women, they are still hound dogs for chickidees in their 20s.

I've always thought they was a load of bullshit and know that the women I masturbate about tend to mostly be within five years of my age in either direction.

Now, I know I'm right. Because let's get down to it, the one largest indicator of what men really want (rather than what they want their friends to think they want) is what porn they use.

And, guess what?

The fastest growing part of the porn market (in fact the only market segment with "huge growth" in 2006) are films where the ladies are at least 30 years old.

Take that down your bra and smoke it.

It's funny, in that article, how the writer tries to explain this trend without writing the word "MILF" (since the F would violate Times Style.)

“The flashpoint for this in our culture was the teen movie ‘American Pie,’ where there is a famous sequence involving one of the kids and his friend’s mother,” Mr. Fishbein said.

Interestingly that article goes on to say that porn sales are seeing slower growth than before. That just seems like common sense to me. In an era of Porno Tube and Limewire and bit torrents who the fuck other than grandpa pays for porn anymore?