January 5th, 2007


I love how the cat mostly sleeps when Rome Girl cleans the apartment but goes bat shit crazy when I start to clean it. It's like she's trying to give me advice on how Rome Girl does it and is furious and frustrated that I don't speak enough Cat to understand.

Whatever. I know that no matter how much cleaning I do, Rome Girl will still consider it a mess. So I'm going to do what seems reasonable to me and not worry too much about it this time. At least the place smells like cleaning products at the moment.

Last night, I continued reading the Lee Child books I got yesterday on sale. Man alive! They are such a wonderful example of Man With No Name Fiction.

MWNNF always has the same plot and it always works. There is a man who wanders around until he is in a new place/situation/job/etc.. Once there he discovers that there are Bad People doing Bad Things to Good People.

Then he kills the Bad People. Then the book/movie/television show ends.

The guy always has either a very common male name like John or Jack or no name at all. That's because they don't ever want to make anything about him unusual - so that everyone reading it can think "I'd be just like him in that situation."

Good examples of this type of fiction are Kung Fu, 24, the first Die Hard movie and every Clint Eastwood western.

What makes it work is the complete lack or moral ambiguity and the very fact that you know the Good Guy will win - no matter what happens. It doens't matter if he's facing down one guy with a knife or 25 guys with bazookas - he will win and the bad man or men will die.

The Lee Child books detail the life and times of a guy named Jack Reacher. In the first few books Jack is in the army and keeps getting transfered to different bases where he finds and kills bad people. In the later books he's discharged from the Army and literally just walks the earth finding bad people to kill.

It's fucking awesome.

Back To Normal

The Lucious Lipstick Lesbian's restaurant is re-opening this Sunday for Brunch!

Mr. Bitch is moving back to Montpellier on Saturday!

Rome Girl comes home on Saturday!

The apartment is looking clean!

My whole routine is coming back!

I am a happy man!

Send Hugs

The boyfriend of one of Rome Girl's best friends took his own life today.

Please send psychic Internet hugs to Rome Girl and her friend.