January 4th, 2007

Conversation With A Girl Who Was Once In A Band You Probably Listened To In College

RockstarJ: so what is the deal with him not proposing. Is he dumb? Does he not realize what a great wife I'd be? hehe
DEPW: hey, I've been with rome girl for three years and live with her and have not popped the question
RockstarJ: yeah. well ... but The Lawyer has made it known he wants to be married.
RockstarJ: I'm worried there is something wrong with me!
DEPW: yeah. I'm sort of been there, done that.
RockstarJ: well, he has been married.
RockstarJ: so have I
DEPW: so that's why he's probably taking it slow
DEPW: as the poets of metal, poison, once said "my, my, my. I'm once bitten twice shy."
RockstarJ: that was Great White.
RockstarJ: ha
DEPW: Man, I'm old if I fucked that rock reference up
RockstarJ: anyway, I've noticed I should pretty much ignore anything The Lawyer says when he's freaking out or saying something that is ridiculous.
DEPW: but you are right. It was poison, the poets of rock, who said "Every rose has it's thorn. Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song."
RockstarJ: because he is clearly totally obsessed with me.
DEPW: you realize that in 2007, you and I may be the only beings alive still able to differentiate between poison and great white
RockstarJ: yes.
RockstarJ: I know.
DEPW: Is that sad or cool of us?
RockstarJ: both.


I had to get up two hours earlier than usual today to give bank information to a new client who wants to pay me by wire transfer.

It totally fucked my shit up, because I sat down on the couch after hanging up the phone and fell asleep for two hours.

Now, I've woken up and am more tired that I was before and have no work focus at all. Thank god I don't really need to work today, but it would have been nice to get some writing done.

Fuck. Maybe I'll wake up soon.


Damn, today ended up being better than I expected.

In the late afternoon I realized I was not going to get anything written so I headed out and wandered around town.

I ended up at the used English language book store where they were having a sale where you could get five paperbacks for 10 euros so I bought Steven King's The Shining and two Jack Reacher books and something that is described as "feminist womyn friendly bondage erotic fiction" and some random serial killer fiction.

Then I went to the Place de la Comedie where it was like 60 degrees out and warm and sunny and read the first Reacher book. After about three fresh squeezed lemonades I went over to the Fitzpatrick's, met up with the Iceman and headed over to O'Carolans.

There, the boys played Danzig, Samhain, Violent Femmes, AC/DC and "Brown Sugar."

When I left there the store next door had just gotten in a shipment of both Cheetos and Doritos.

God is smiling on me today.