January 2nd, 2007

Computer Help


My computer keeps randomly freezing. When I try to run a diagnosic it tells me that my cpu is running at 100 percent.

I assume this is a virus or a hijack, so I've run spybot and adaware.

Is there anything else you can think to do?

Fear And Loathing At The Post Office

Americans rarely come to Montpellier. In fact, it's so rare that every time a yank turns up in Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub, Lurch and/or the Dominant Gangster Bartender bring them over to me for an introduction.

It's like I'm the designated American.

In general, I like to meet new people, so I make the effort, but for the past three or four years I always end up regretting it.


Because after we make the introductions the dudes and the babes ask what I do for a living. I then try to explain. Afterwards there is always, one and only one question:

"Do you like Charles Bukowski?"

You know what? Fuck you. That's like asking a tall black man if he plays basketball.

Yes, I do happen to like Bukowski.

And, I get that Bukowkski hung out in derilict bars like I do. And I know that he hung out in derilict bars in the south of france for a while.

But, guess what, motherfucker? So did Fitzgerald and Hemingway!

Beyond that I'm much closer in writing style and perspective to Hunter S. Thompson.

Bukowski was a wonderful writer of the downside of life - but he always holds out a bit of hope for a better tomorrow.

Hunter understood that this was a dark ride.

And that's much more me.

I embrace the darkness so I can kiss the light.

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