January 1st, 2007

Total Girly Post

A little while ago the Iceman told me he "liked" Emma's Sexy Mom.

Last week Emma's Sexy Mom told me she "liked" the Iceman.

Last night they kissed.


The Wonder

About a third of the way through James Ellroy's novel "Clandestine" the unreliable narrator starts talking about being partnered with a fellow cop who is a total hard ass with most people but always gives drunks a pass.

He notes that his partner's father was a drunk and says that he loves that he's kind to them because it gives him a chance to see the world though the eyes of drunks without having to be a drunk himself.

Ellroy closes the chapter talking about seeing a wino buying a case of beer for an underage kid in exchange for a "short dog."

Then he says : "My city. My wonder."

The narrator then spends the rest of the book looking for "the wonder." I've lent the book to several people and for the most part they've given me the book back commenting that they liked it "until that wonder bit popped up."

But for me, that's why I love the book. I get the whole idea of the "wonder." It's about seeing beauty in the unbeautiful. It's about loving life for it's rough edges.

This is why Rome Girl and I don't see eye to eye on Montpellier. She wants to move to Rome or Venice because "people are so much more put together there."

And she's right.

The people who are expats in Rome or Venice are there because they have made a shitload of money and can afford to be expats in Rome or Venice. Or else they are diplomats and are good enough at their jobs to be assigned to Rome or Venince.

Montpellier is different.

You only end up here if nobody else will have you. The expats here, myself included, are here because no place else makes sense and nobody else will deal with us.

And that is beautiful in it's own way.

One of Rome Girl's biggest bitches lately is about the Christmas tree in the main square, the Place de la Comedie. What they've done is only decorated the top part of it and left the last eight feet of it bare.

Rome Girl says this is "ghetto" and she's right. Because the reason they have done that is that they know that if they leave any ornaments or tinsle in arm's length of the average Montpellier drunk that we will steal it.

Anyway, on New Year's Eve the Iceman and I started out at Miss Darling's house party. We drank a bunch of vodka and Red Bull until He Who Shall Not Be Named showed up with giant speakers and wanting to DJ and we didn't want to deal with that shit.

Then, we went over to Fitzpatrick's where the Fuller Brush Man was DJing and had a few pints. After that we went to O'Carolans where they had two incredibly cute girls dancing and jiggling behind the bar.

We went back to Fitzpatrick's to see the midnight thing happen, though in all honesty we should have taken a pass at it because Lurch was so fucked up that he didn't notice we were there.

Later, we went back to O'Carolan's where things were cool. Eventualy Miss Darling turned up there because everyone had blown off her party and she wanted to drink so we drank her out.

A bit later the Iceman and Emma's Sexy Mom ended up snogging and we all started talking about it. The general consensous was that they will have great sex for like a month or two and then have the most dramatic break up possible.

Around 2:30 or 3 the Iceman and I went back to my place and passed out. We woke up aroung 11 and we both felt like shit.

So, we did the natural thing - which was to go upstairs and bring the Blonde Lesbian down and then start drinking vodka and orange juice and watching music videos unil around 3:30.

Everyone then passed out for a few hours and woke up around 6, at which point we went to a lock in for free drinks at Fitzpatrick's and had to listen to Lurch give us shit about how "generous" he was being with us for giving us three free drinks on New Year's, but we didn't care because we were playing poker.

We got thrown out later on and ended up at the Cafe Riche in the Place de la Comedie and I sat there and sipped a cold vodka and a colder beer and looked at the bright shiny lights annoucing the new year and could only think one thing:

My city. My wonder.


When I woke up this morning I found an email to myself, from myself, that read "Remember to call mom and dad."

This made me think that I had, for various reasons, not called them on New Year's.

So, I just called them.

Dad: "You called us last night. You were fucked up."

DEPW : "Really? I don't remember.

Dad: "I'm not surprised."

DEPW: "Fuck."

DEPW's Brother Who Suddenly Picked Up The Phone: "Dude, you were so cool last night."