December 30th, 2005


Why do I always get writer's block when I have a ton of shit to do? I've been fucking around with the two fiction assignments at the top of my list for almost three days now and nothing is fucking coming out.

The first one is to have this gay guy visit Montpellier, check out an Irish bar and get turned on by the straight boys before finding the local gay bar and getting fucked. I just can't figure out who to move the guy from the Irish bar to the gay bar in a convincing way.

The second is the fourth chapter is a story about a village Thai boy becoming a high end male prostitute in Bangkok and learning to love servicing old rich American guys. In the first four chapters he got picked up by a pimp, who has been fucking the living daylights out of him. But, I now have to make him an actual whore and can't think of a way to get the pimp to pimp him out for the first time in a way that is not offensive or abusive (it's not an S/M site.)


The rest of my jobs are all vanilla marketing shit, but I've learned to always get the fiction out of the way first (because it's more difficult and pays more.)