December 29th, 2005

Lights Out, Uh Huh, Blast, Blast, Blast

Came home from Fitz last night with Rome Girl very excited to play her new Playstation2 game. Walked in the door, went to take a crap and the lights went out.

Given that my landlord is the biggest slumlord ever, and two years ago let my lights get turned off when he didn't pay the electric bill (utilities are, in theory, included) I assumed I'd been cut off again.

Last time it took him six weeks to get the heat, lights and water turned back on. This time I was determined to be proactive, call up the electric company, get the account put in my name and get the shit turned back on toute suite.

"Maybe we just blew a fuse," Rome Girl said.

"No way, it's this fuckers fault," DEPW replied.

The Neighbor, who is my new hero, gave Rome Girl the slumlord's number (I've been trying to get the slumlord's number for three years without success) so I could yell at him.

Yay neighbor!

Got the landlord on the phone. Bitched and moaned. Got the electric company on the phone and actually got them out here this morning.

Guy comes in, looks at the box and says "You just blew a fuse."


Spent the following two hours looking for a hardware store. Found one. Put in fuse. Have electricity. Am no longer cold.

To see Rome Girl gloat, click incuidicetutto here.


My Dad Rocks

Just found out he's getting me the following DVDs for Christmas:

Born to Run 30th edition

TheRolling Stones 4 flicks

Marilyn Manson - Gods, Guns and Government

Metallica - Live shit, binge, and Purge

The Filth and the fury: Sex Pistols Film

It's like 25 hours of footage of angry white boys with guitars. I hope my speakers survive and that the Manson footage doesn't terrify Rome Girl or Squirt.