December 27th, 2005

Dear Squirt. Part Two

Dear Squirt:

My humans suddenly had tons of people in their house Sunday. And they cooked lots of stuff! And the people all seemed barely able to stand! This has never happened before! What's going on?

Frightened Little Pooper

Dear Pooper:

Don't worry. Every so often humans think they need to be social and forget that their primary responsibility is your needs. It won't happen very often.

If it really bothred you, simply shit in their shoes and they will get the message.

Dear Squirt:

One of my owners has started spending hours staring at the television and pushing buttons rather than paying attention to me.


Ignored Little Kitty

Dear Ignored:

He's playing a human game and needs to concentrate. Simply whack his feet and he'll lose the game, give up and start paying attention to you. If this fails, jump on his lap and pee on him.