December 26th, 2005

Another Great Day

Saturday with the Fitzpatrick's lock in was one of the best days of my life.

Sunday with all the boys coming over and Mr. Twist being amusing heroin like drunk and good food and playing Playstation2 in the morning and drinking with Miss Darling and Big Dave and giving Rome Girl the first orgasm she's ever had on Christmas (always being with her family before) was even better.

Today, eating leftovers, chilling out with Rome Girl. Her resting her hand on my thigh while I played games, then making fun of Mr. Twist at Fitz and chilling with the cat was better still.

Then, tomorrow when client money clears into my account I can buy more Playstation2 games and the 30th Anniversary edition of Born To Run, promises to be even better.

And I still have New Years to look forward to.

What's next? Britney and Jessica Simpson finally confessing and consumating their lesbian love in front of me?