December 25th, 2005

A Drunk's Christmas Party


1. Young Scottish Boy in a bright green wig, "because I couldn't find a Santa hat."

2. Miss Darling crying when finding out that the actor who plays Leo on West Wing had died.

3. Mr. Twist puking on the floor and then without even rinsing out his mouth drinking more Jack Daniels. "He looked like he was on heroin," Rome Girl commented.

4. DEPW and Big Dave listening to a circa 1987 Metallica bootleg and figuring out how James was dropping the second string on the chords to make the sound in Creeping Death.

5. The Iceman getting Mr. Twist out the door before he could break anything.

6. Mr. Bitch being nice, charming and bitching about nothing.

7. DEPW and Miss Darling somehow drinking two bottles of Jack between ourselves yet pissing no one off.

8. Miss Darling's tits.

9. Me and The Iceman's son talking about Green Day.

10. Roast pork cooked in cheese - yummy!


P.S. For a more detailed account check out incuidicetutto. Warning. May contain spoilers on the real names of such dubious suspects as Miss Darling, The Iceman, Mr. Twist and Mr. Bitch. But if you dare see if you can match name to nickname!

P.P.S. We were at a "lock in" on Christmas Eve at Fitz (where they let you stay at closing time and give out free drinks.) OMG, the amount of booze consumed at that thing (it started at 6 p.m. We left at midnight and it showed no sign of stopping) was, as Rome Girl puts it, "bruising." But damn was it fun. If Lurch or any of the usual drunkspects are reading thiS, THANK YOU KINDLY!