December 21st, 2005

Deadbeat Jesus

A deadbeat client sent this to me.

I don't know what to say:


It's been some time since I spoke with you. I will not give you any excuse as to why I haven't been in touch before now except stupidity and not being complete in my faith. Hence, not only did I hurt you indirectly and directly - even though it was not intentional - I hurt myself, my reputation, and I brought reproach on my Lord & Savior.

I just want you to know that I still intend to pay my debt to you regardless of how long it takes me to do so. I'm still unemployed, but God has been good to me. I'm dealing with some health issues and my husband's job is ending this week, but God is good.

I don't know when I'll be working again, although I'm looking daily. I WILL PAY MY DEBT TO YOU.

I just wanted to let you know that I am truly, truly sorry for the indirect pain, expense, and loss of time and money you endured dealing with my project. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't intentionally defraud you. I had every intention of paying, but household bills got in the way, mortgage, and everything else. So I depended on the work you did to help me bring in money for the business so I could pay you. It didn't happen fast enough so I was now 30-60 days late paying you. I tried borrowing the money but no one had it. Then I just started ignoring the emails and let depression and anger take over.

Since that time I've been reintroduced to God and my life has new meaning and I'm ready to face and admit my mistakes. I hope and pray that you will forgive me for all the hurt, frustration, anger, and other emotions I caused to well up in you. I deserved every foul thing you called me, because I'm sure you called me something (I would have and did).

Again, please accept my sincerest apologies and know that as soon as I am able I will pay my debt even if it takes me the rest of my life.

In the spirit of our Lord & Savior, I ask your forgiveness, ask that He provide abundantly for you and yours, success, and His grace and mercy...

Tracey Yxxxx Crxxxx