December 18th, 2005


Because Miss Darling has been working nights, Rome Girl has been in Rome and my clients have been late on paying their bills, I drank much less this week than normal.

I also had really strong, vivid, nightmares almost every night I went to bed sober.

Last night's involved an MTA transit strike, barbecuing intelligent, talking, baby chickens, having to crash at my parent's place after taking a $200 cab from New York to central New Jersey, my grandparents eating the brains of the dead, Rome Girl leaving me and, I am not making this up, being tied to chair and forced to watch all 10 seasons of Friend's while Jennifer Garner and Eva Longoria (both dressed in pink lingerie) slowly pulled out my fingernails and injected me with some sort of pain inducing drug.

On a lighter note, later in the evening I had a dream about making out with Miss Darling and the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians in a floating bed made entirely of feathers, and then having the three of them cook me pork chops while naked.