December 17th, 2005


So, aparently the Deadbeat Dad got himself beaten up and "glassed", stabbed five times with a broken pint glass, including once straight through his right hand, at the Nutty Straight Bar over in the part of town that otherwise is full of gay bars.

Karma's a bitch.

It could only be more satisfying if he had been beaten up at one of the gay bars. Though, that would explain his rage and need to put his hands on other men.

In other news, I've put off watching the last two episodes of Dangerous Housewives so I can savor them.

Instead I'm watching Season 4 of Alias. In doing so I realized this is the ultimate Blue State show in that it has something for every sexual orientation:

Gay Males - It is as chock full of wigs, wardobe changes, dance music and silly plots as the gayest Broadway show. Plus, it has Sark, who looks like every guy in high end gay porn.

Lesbians - Sydney and her non biological twin sister live together, constantly embrace and kiss, get sweaty together, help each other undress and kick the shit out of macho straight boys.

Straight Males - Sydney is in lingerie, swimsuits or tight clothes in every episode. Plus we get to see things blow up and people shoot each other.

Straight Girls - Sark, Syndey's boyfriend, and every single buff Rusian, Croation, Estonian stud puppy are not only running around getting sweaty - but there is at least two male topless scenes per episode.