December 15th, 2005

Hippy IT Boy

Tomorrow morning Hippy IT Boy is heading on a six week trip to, of all places, Minnesota.

In December.

About six years ago Hippy IT Boy was living in Dublin when he and his wife broke up and he got Dell to transfer him to Montpellier. Being both Irish and Catcholic - he did not have sex with anyone for the first five years of his seperation - because in his mind he was still married.

Then a little over a year ago he had his first, brief affair. She was older and Austrian, so it didn't really work out - but did get him back in the saddle.

A few months later he had to go to Dell In Ireland for a week, where he met a nice American girl his age. They hit it off so well that by the end of the weekend he had proposed and she had accepted.

Of course, his wife in Ireland has yet to give him a divorce, so its all sort of theory at this point.

The main outcome is he now splits his time between here and her place in Minnesota. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

The downside is that this is the only part of America he has ever seen, so he seems to think we are all about chain restaurtants, margaritas and handguns.

This feeds into his general conspiracy theories (he once told me he thought the CIA used remote control devices to guide the planes in the WTC. I told him to make sure he does not reapat that to anyone in his GF's community.)

Anyway. He's a good guy. If you are in town tonight stop by Fitz and give him a shout.


Plagarising Girl Gone Mad

OK, the girls have gotten to talk about The Lost Boys (not to be too Peter Pan about it.)

Now it's our turn. Guys, who do you want to bone on Desperate Housewives. Here's my list:

1. Terri Hatcher (single mom with 14 year old girl)
2. Bree Van de Kamp (girl from Melrose Place)
3. Slutty girl who fucks her gardener.
4. The Dead Narrator.
5. 14 Year Old girl Who Does The Crazy Guy.
6. Mom Of Gardener.
7. The Fertile Mother Of Four Nasty Boys (married to gay guy from Melrose.)
8. Whomever The Fuck "Dana" is. (I'm only like 15 episodes into this.)