December 11th, 2005

The Beat Down

Roughly 14 months ago my little 19 year old brother came to visit me. It was not a good experience. His first night here, he sneaked out after I went to bed, went off to Fitzpatrick's (after we had been there drinking most of the afternoon) and proceeded to get into a fist fight with The Namesake Dutchman, Mr. Twist and The Deadbeat Dad.

It was a stressful time and he got himself banned from Fitz for life and I thought the shit was over and done with.

That was until tonight. I was hanging out at Fitz with The Hippie IT Boy and the Deadbeat Dad showed up for the first time in months.

He sat down next to me and proceeeded to say charming things like:

"People like you could fall down and get their noses broken on the way home."

"I'd like to fucking stab your brother, but if he's not around, you'll do."

Part of me wanted to simply walk out of the bar - but I realized I had like nine friends in Fitz - and none on the street. Plus, the idea of getting bullied out of my local bar is not something I'm into.

I tried to simply ignore the taunts. Then, eventually I had to go to the bathroom.

As soon as I unzipped my pants, The Deadbeat Dad was there. He grabbed me by the neck, pushed me into the wall and started punching me in the face.

I'd like to say that I beat the shit out of him. The reality is that he is 28 and just got out of the military and I'm 36 and out of shape.

So, I yelled, "help." At which point all of my friends were in there to defend me.

God bless my friends.

My face hurts, but I am alive.