December 10th, 2005


This morning in the Place de la Comedie a group of French people swarmed the town Christmas Tree and started throwing balled up pieces of newspaper at it. It was so perfectly weird that I didn't want to ask them why and risk losing The Wonder.

Last night Rome Girl and I went to a party at the Non-Jewish Carpenter's place. Everyone there was doing Bolivian Marching Powder - the one vice Rome Girl won't let me do - so I compensated by drinking 19 vodka tonics.

Not that I'm complaining. Rome Girl lets me fool around with other girls, drink to excess, spend money dumbly and play Metalla and Marilyn Manson anytime I want. Giving up a bit of Charlie is an easy trade off.

When we got home Rome Girl was horny for the first time in a week. It goes without saying that after drinkin roughly two bottles of vodka my mind and my tongue were willing, but my dick wanted no part of the pussy party.

Of course I woke up this morning hornier than a 15 year old at Hef's mansion while Rome Girl was tired, hungover and and drier than 1920's America. With the help of some L'Occitane lavender hand cream I was able to get laid - but it would have been more fun if my partner was in the mood, or for that matter, fully awake.

She's off to Rome for a week - I just put her on the train - so I'm back to my porn reading, hard drinking bachelor ways.

Free naked pictures would be appreciated.