December 8th, 2005

Perves And Pervettes

Yesterday I had to write the first chapter of a dirty novel for a new gay porn site. This time around the site is all about buying rent boys in Thailand and the client wants a narative to cater to the fantasy of a young guy from a Thai village getting seduced into the gay male prostitute lifestyle and loving it.

Since this fetish is a new one to me, I went to, which is the bible of weird porn, in order to figure out the slang terms and what other people have written about these types of things.

I couldn't find what I was looking for - which I guess means that my client is creating a new niche, but I did find a lot of strange shit I had no idea existed. Here's a roundup:

Forbidden Fantasies -
This site - written by a college girl - is for people who are into the idea of screwing blue collar/trailer park high school girls. It's all told from the girl's point of view and she seems to enjoy incest, prostitution, risking pregnancy etc... Very, very odd.

Drunk Wife Stories -
Next up, a site for guys who get turned on by fucking their wives when their wives are drunk. Who knew?

Preggoman's Impregnorium -
Now let me take you to a site for guys who want to get girls pregnant and girls who want to be knocked up. The fiction stories are weird and often involve incest, but the "true life" stories about couples trying to get pregnant are kind of sweet.

Leslita -
Off to the truly strange. More than a thousand stories about women in their 20s seducing 14 and 15 year old girls with the intention of "making them future lesbians." And I thought only guys were pedophiles!

Lesbian Panty Stories -
Nothing but stories about girls who like to fuck other girls while keeping their panties on. Go figure!

The Erotic Mind Control Archive -
You are getting sleepy, while reading stories about people who have their minds erased through hypnosis or are turned into robots.

The House Of Sissify -
The site itself is beyond bizzare - but the 1950s retro girl power web design is the best thing to happen to porn in years. Plus, it's probably the only place in the world where estrogen is refered to as "Girl Juice." Also the section that proclaims "The Wank-O-Matic Is Back" made me burst out laughing. No dirty pictures on the home page, so you can get a laugh out of this one at work without getting fired.

It's all so strange - yet somehow makes me feel less dirty about how I make a living.