December 7th, 2005

IKEA Done With/Bachelor Week

The shit Rome Girl wanted to do to the apartment is finally done!

After roughly three weeks of IKEA, the mall, and multiple trips to fitzpatricks to borrow strange items called "hammers" and "screwdrivers" she is happy with the place!

I can now rest assured that when I come back to the house IT WILL LOOK THE SAME AS WHEN I LEFT IT!

This is a huge deal for a guy who gets scared if he has to sit at a different cafe table than he did the day before.

Plus, she gave me the hummer of a life time last night.

I am so fucking zen right now.

The downside is she's going on a 10 day vacation to Rome and Barcelona starting Saturday - so I have a week and a half of porn and vaseline to look forward to.

The upside is she might indulge my kinkier fantasies by texting me about Italian and Spanish guys who hit on her.

You take the good with the bad, the gin with the tonic, the lies with the truth.