December 3rd, 2005

Always Intense

Tonight, for the second time, I tried to show Rome Girl "Repo Man."

The first time was back in New York and I'm pretty sure she didn't stay awake through the thing. If nothing else, I know it did not make a good impression.

Since it's one of my fave rave flicks I tried to get her to watch it again. This time she did watch it all the way through, but commented at the end:

"It's just kinda dumb. I think it might just be one of those things, like Fast Times At Ridgemont High that you just have to see at 15 or you are never going to get."

Hmm... Roger Ebert sort of got it:

Anyway, anyone of you guys ever seen the film? If so, did you like it? If so, why? If not, also why?

Someone convince me why it sucks or else help me convice Rome Girl that it doesn't suck.

And remember, Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole...



Rome Girl is going shopping for underwear with one of the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians on Tuesday.

This turns me on much, much more than it should.