December 2nd, 2005


...and it's a style you've read before, and I think it might bore you, but it's something I have to write because I'm trying to use this stuff as a rough draft for a novel and I always needed to know if I could write like this and I suppose I could write what some of you want and tell you about my cock pulsing in a pussy that grips me and slapping the girl as I cum right before the girl calls me a bastard as she cums but that wouldn't be fair to the people who want to read about dirty bakers and lucious lesbians and other fitzpatrick's folk and I really shouldn't write about fitzpatrick's anyway right now because I'm a little annoyed at them because it was their 10th anniversary last night and they usually have a party but didn't this year because of weird personal shit, so instead of that I could write about rock and roll and how John Lydon wants Justin Timberlake to induct him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but that wouldn't be fair to the people who don't care about that shit so I could write about the mini fight Rome Girl and I had tonight but that wouldn't be fair to her, so maybey I'll just end up saying that I always knew I could write like this...

Filthy. Dirty. Nasty.

Today, in between playing with my kitten and sneaking looks at Rome Girl in her tight black lace panties I have to write promotional emails for a site that will allow people to post reviews of male escorts they have been out with. As such, I have to come up with a bunch of promotional one liners/taglines.

So far I've come up with:

We'll tell you their inches so you can smile.

We have the balls to tell the truth about cock.

It takes a real man to let it all hang out.

The low down on how they go down.

Male Escort Review: Because size matters.

Where to find the cream of the cock.

Don't kiss and tell: fuck and yell!


Update: Rough Draft

Subj: The Truth About Male Escorts

Dear xxx,

At Male Escort Review we know that it takes a real man to let it all hang out. That’s why we’ve started creating our hot escort review service – so that real studs just like you can dish the dirt on real rent boys in your area.

When you visit Male Escort Review you pay nothing to get the low down on how these boys go down. Our service is designed to let horny guys tell the truth about the good, the bad and the studly!

Male Escort Review makes it possible for you to never get ripped off by a rent boy again. Instead before you book your next date you can search through real reviews of hunks and studs in your area.

That way on your next date you can find the cream of the cock and embrace the man of your dreams. We also feature live chat, photo galleries and links to hot male escort services. You can even join our message boards and discuss the escorts with other “interested parties!”

Membership is free and anonymous – so you don’t have to just kiss and tell, you can fuck and yell!

Visit today – because you know size matters!

Dear xxx,

Are you one of the hottest male escorts in town? Do your clients keep cumming back for more hot dates? Are you known for always being up for a good time?

If so, you are ready for the Male Escort Review challenge!

Male Escort Review is the best way to let local guys in your area know how you’re hanging. Our site lets guys review your services and tell the world just how studly you are!

We have partnered with some of the hottest gay media and uncensored advertising to attract the type of men who want to spoil you rotten! You can post your profile and contact information for free – no membership is required!

Then, as men start to read about what a stud puppy you are, you may find yourself with more dates than you ever thought possible! Of course, it takes a real man to let it all hang out – but if you got what it takes our members will give the world the low down on how you go down!

Visit now and put your best face forward.

Dear xxx,

Being a M4M escort is a highly competitive business. You can’t give anyone an inch or they will steal your smiles. Every boy in the business claims to be the hung like a horse with the tightest abs in town.

How can a guy make sure he stands out in the crowd? The truth is when it comes to fornication, it’s all about your reputation. To get paid, you got to get laid.

That’s why you need to become a free member of Male Escort Review. Our site lets real guys brag about how hot they got for your cock!

All you have to do is post your picture and contact information – free of charge – and guys will start writing about your kinky moves and sexy soirees! You get to meet more men, and guys get to learn about you!

Male Escort Review has partnered with the hottest gay media and advertising links to attract exactly the type of men who know how to show a boy a good time. Potenial clients can search for escorts just like you in their area, and learn exactly how hot you are to trot.

We also feature hot photo galleries and live chat – to help put guys in the mood to groove! Membership is anonymous, and unlike your sweet ass, free of charge.

If you are good enough to let guys dish the lowdown on how you go down, sign up at today.

The guys will keep cumming back for more.
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