November 23rd, 2005

Yuppie Scum Part Two

After months of bitching and moaning about my shitty apartment, Rome Girl has now decided it's cool - it just needs new furniture.

This means that at some point in the next fews days I am going to have to do the thing I fear most and visit The Swedish Furniture Store That Must Not Be Named.

One day I will find a 12 step program that will enable me to walk into giant four letter acronym places and eat Swedish meatballs while admiting my lust for end tables. Until then, I walk silent among you, afraid to voice my shame.

In better news, for the first time in years Fitzpatrick's is FUCKING SHOWING AMERICAN FOOTBALL ON THURSDAY!

Can you say, "Fuck yeah!"

I fully intend to be just as loud and annoying while Dallas gets its ass kicked as EU people are when Man United has yet another scoreless game again Real Madrid. I may even attempt to explain point spreads to these barbarians.

In other news, I've run out of television shows on DVD. I've done Six Feet Under, CSI, Sopranos, Alias and The Wire. Anyone have any suggestions? Is The L Word sexy, or just PC crap?

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