November 18th, 2005

My Junkie Readership

So, I spend a month writing and editing a post about John Lydon and fucking get two comments. Yet I spend 11 coke fueled seconds writing about being on coke and get 48 comments.

Now I get my readership.

That would make a sane man come back to you and write more about coke or his gf's lesbian exploits or about how he fucked a penguin while debating intelligent design.

I am not that man.

Instead, I'm going to tell you about a beautiful moment tonight. Today they introduced Beaujolais Nouveau by giving it out to all the restaurants, bars and such in town and letting them sell it for next to nothing to promote interest in the new vintage.

So, my GF and her friends went around town drinking it.

But that's not what is interesting.

At 1 a.m. the bars closed and Rome Girl went home to puke. I, because I don't drink wine, was the only sober man around.

I went to the after hours grocery store to buy a bottle of vodka.

And there I saw the Algerian Arabs drinking wine with the beggers that live on our street. They were laughing together.

I'd never seen these beggers as real people. And for the past month most of the world has seen Algerian Arabs as nothing but arsonists. But I spent a half hour talking to them (me drinking vodka out of the bottle, them drinking the new chic wine.)

And then we all broke out laughing and I went home.

And I thought, "This is my city. This is my wonder."

That said. I like feedback on writing shit.

I'm trying to decide if I want to call my novel "The Book Of Doom" or "Confessions Of The Drunk Expat Writer."

Also, I want the first sentence to be:

"She's not German," he said. "She's from Seatle."

What do you think the second sentence should be?