November 16th, 2005

We can be heroes

So... Rome Girl is very anti drug because her last BF ended up wanting drugs more than her. Me, I'm mostly bored by drugs. I like booze and cigs.

But... a friend of Rome Girl from Brooklyn came to visit tonight. And he asked me if I could get him some coke. So I got him 3 grams for $100.

And then I did a bunch up my nose. And Rome Girl is pissed at me.

But it was her friend who wanted it. I'd rather do booze.

Yet... it does feel amazing

The Filth And The Fury

About a month after Malcom and Viv forced the end of the Sex Pistols, John Lydon arranged a meeting with Jann Wenner and Lester Bangs at CBGB (how Cameron Crowe missed this invite is a mystery, unless he was talking existential theory with Duane Allman or planning his prom.)

The deal was that John missed his GF in London and Malcom had so fucked him that he didn't have airfare to get back and figured he could hit up Jann and Lester's mags for cash.

What struck Jann when he walked in was how much EVERYONE at CBGB looked just like John. Lydon picked up on this as he walked up shouting "Fucking yanks! Claim your own fucking rebellion!"

Lester tried to steer the conversation back to music. To which John responded "The only notes that count come in wads."

Bangs later wrote that this was the moment he realized "Rock and roll does not require talent. It requires guts, gumption and attitude."

The older I get, the more I realize that there is some metaphor for life in that conversation. Or at least for the way I want my life to be.