November 15th, 2005


Sex after a dry spell is so fucking good. There should be a drug to simulate it.

Rome Girl is healthy again. The neighbors came home AFTER she had a scareaming orgasm. She has friends visiting tomorrow and the people who run Fitzpatrick's are offering to rent us a big apartment.

Rent is so low here that if we like the new apartment, we might still keep this one as an office. Or a place to crash when we are drunk since this place is far closer to the Fizz and Fitzpatrick's than the new place would be.

In unrelated news, one of my friends had his business taken away from him by the French government. He then went nuts with a baseball bat. No one saw him for a week after that, but he was back in Fitzpatrick's tonight, so all is well.

Hippie IT Boy comes back to Montpellier on Saturday after six months in Austin of all places.