November 12th, 2005

Cat Scratch Fever

Rome Girl has some mystery illness that resembles a cross between a cold and the flue but "feels like neither."

So, I spent last night at home reading and talking to people on AIM (including Sodof's wife, who is one kinky gal), and going in and checking on Rome Girl and making sure she was feeling OK.

It feels fucking awesome to be able to hug her, keep her tucked in and in general feel like big protective BF.

On the other hand - fuck, I'm horny. Why the fuck did my hormones have to kick into overdrive the one and only time she's ever been sick in the two years we've been fucking. I suspect she'd let me fuck her, but even I am not enough of a rapist to climb on top of someone who has just said to me "My lungs feel like they are going to burst."

I seem to remember someone telling me once that if you have never been scratched by a cat before you can get a weird semi flu illness called "Cat Scratch Fever" and that you get it only once because afterwards you get an immunity to it. I think it's true, but I'm neither a doctor nor play one on TV (though I have told girls in bars that I am an amateur OB/GYN.)

On the other hand I had a dream last night that this was released, which if it happened would be as great for me as roughly five dozen orgasms.