November 10th, 2005

Fuck You Judy Miller

So, after helping the government fabricate a mythos of WMD in Iraq, lying to her editors, refusing to correct facts in her stories and helping push this nation into a war that has cost more than 2,000 America lives, Judy Miller has resigned.

Oddly, the fact that she was a willing tool of facist scumbags isn't what has me pissed off at her today. Instead it's this line in her farewell note in the New York Times:

I chose to go to jail not only to honor my pledge of confidentiality, but also to dramatize the need for such a federal law.

After 85 days, more than twice as long as any other American journalist has ever spent in jail for this cause, I agreed to testify before the special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald’s grand jury about my conversations with my source, I. Lewis Libby Jr.

Fuck you, Judy.

My great great grandfather did nine months, lost most of his belongings and became a pariah for refusing to hand over information in a very similar situation.

Of course, he was dealing with intelligent presidents - Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, whom I dare say are considerably tougher targets than frat boy coke heads, like Bush.

I know you hate to do the work of checking sources of information, so instead I point you to this link:

Goodbye Judy and good riddence.


And It Was All Right

For about five years I was paid by Gannett (USA Today) to be their hard rock critic. While doing that job there was a lot of dead time when me and the other critics had hours upon hours with nothing to do but bullshit with each other and try to establish our street cred even though we were all talentless intelectuals.

The one debate we got into over and over again was "what are the five moments in rock and roll that mattered the most."

We never agreed, ever. But then, given that we were all competing wtih each other that could be expected.

Anyway, I'd love to have this conversation with someone who was not a professional rival.

So, here we go. Here are mine. If you tell me one of them is fucked, I'll defend it. Tell me yours. I'll attack it and expect you to defend it as well.

1. Beatles playing Shea (Yes. I know the Beatles are the worst band in the history of rock and roll, but this moment invented the idea that bands could play sports stadiums, which is important in the history of rock.)
2. Mick Jagger running into Keith Richards on a train out of London and asking him where "you got those Howling Wolf records."
3. John Lydon walking into Vivian Westwood's "Sex" shop.
4. Kurt Cobain putting on a plaid shirt for the first time.
5. Video Killed The Radio Star played on television ushering in the MTV era.