November 8th, 2005

A Night At The Dominant Gangster Bartender's House

The Cast:

Drunken Expat Writer
Rome Girl
Brunette Lucious Lipstick Lesbian
Blonde Lucious Lipstick Lesbian
Fuller Brush Man and His Wife
Dominant Gangster Bartender and His Wife

The Plot:

Traditional French Food
High Stakes Backgammon
Loud Rock and Soul Music

The Revelations

#1. The Spectacle Lesbian Who Ate Rome Girl told the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians the day after that Rome Girl was a "Petite Couchon" in bed, which roughly translates as "Dirty Bitch." Rock on Rome Girl!

#2. There is a type of cheese that comes with live maggots inside. When given the choice some of us would eat that rather than go down on some of the Fitzpatrick's regulars. Blonde Lesbian would rather eat that than have someone shit on her. The Fuller Brush Man would rather someone shit on him than eat that cheese, "As long as they don't shit in my mouth." Drunken Ex Pat Writer would rather go down on anyone, including the day staff at Fitzaptrick's and The Owners rather than eat live maggots. This was our dinner conversation.

#3. We had alphabet soup. The Blonde Lucious Lipstick Lesbian made the word "Cock" with her letters and then ate it. We reminided her to swallow and not spit. Did I mention drugs were involved in the evening?

#4. Watching the Dominant Gangster Bartender sing along to Prince's "1999" is very amusing.

#5. The Lucisous Lipstick Lesbians' dog once had a giant errection in the middle of their restaurant. "Being lesbians we didn't know what to do with its cock", the Blonde LLL commented, "So we called the vet."

#6. The Dominant Gangster Bartender's Wife can really dance. Rock on my Austrailian Princess!