November 5th, 2005

Holy Fucking Shit!

Rome Girl just spent hours making out with one of the lesbians and then went home with her and is eating pussy for the first time in her life.

Do I stay home and fuck her when she gets back or do I wait this shit out?

I am so fucking proud of her!



"We fucked for hours!"

"It doesn't taste like battery acid!"

"She called me her diva!"

"We showered together!"

"My pussy is so fucking sore!"

"I am such a fucking cliche! Fucking a girl in the south of France!"

Through The Looking Glass

In a sign that the world is clearly off its axis, not only has Rome Girl eaten pussy, I've aparently agreed to play soccer Sunday at a benefit soccer match for Mr. Nice Guy (Fitzpatrick's Drunks vs. Marituious).

Anyone who knows how to play the game have any tips for a 36 year old beer belly drunk?

How many strikes do I get?

When am I allowed to tackle?

How many yards do I have to move the ball to get a first down?

When do I get a free throw?