November 4th, 2005


Man, make up sex is so good. It's almost worth being a dick and getting thrown in the doghouse just to get that fine forgiveness pussy.

Shit, no wonder I was so inspired to write the Different Drummer Thursday. I just wanted to crawl up and swim around in Rome Girl's pink parts.

Last night Mr. Bitch walked up to me in Fitzpatrick's and started bitching about being called Mr. Bitch. It was very ironic and meta.

For much of the evening when French people came up asking for drinks, he responded in English "Go some place where the servers care."

Rome Girl at one point commented, "I can't wait until Mr. Bitch turns 15. He'll be so much more mature."

Then we told the dirtiest jokes possible and ran into Miss Darling and a Lucious Lipstick Lesbian. It was one of those moments where we felt like having one more drink might be too much, but we had it anyway.

Like me, Miss Darling has no memory about the last hours of our Halloween drinking. Some say blackouts are a sign of alcoholism. I say they are a sign of practice.


P.S. Angry arab youths have been rioting outside of Paris for eight days. Last night they started setting things on fire, so I guess you could say that Paris is Burning. The basic deal is that a while back the French got tired of Arabs living in their cities - so they forced them all to move to these giant housing projects. Then, they started requiring everyone to post a color picture on their resumes (cv's) so that employers could avoid hiring Arabs without the bother of a job interview. Then they told the arabs that their daughters could not wear their headscarves to school - even though their religion requires it.

So, you ended up with thousands of oppressed, unemployed people living together in ghettos. Now they are surprised they are pissed of. For once I say - let the fucking arabs win this one.