October 31st, 2005

It Came From Japan!

I think Rome Girl has been brainwashed into a cult.

She used to want to come home at night and fire up the DVD player so she could look at Josh Lymon's fine ass or Jack Bauer's big gun.

Now, she comes home and stares into this mysterious book that I can't understand. She takes it with her when she walks down the street. Sometimes other people come up to her and say "Oh, you do it too." They then share a giggle and a wink.

Like Godzilla, this terror comes from Japan.

It's name - Su Doku - is legend. It has claimed thousands of souls in Asia and is now working its way to complete control of the Western Population!

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One day we may all be Su Doku's mindless slaves!

Beware boys and girls! If you see your partner even glace at the name of the beast pull them away!

It is not too late to fight back! We can raise our own radioactive monsters from the deep and have them do battle against Su Doku and his minions!

Fight the Future!