October 28th, 2005

Yuppie Scum

Man, the reaction to my last post shows that hyperbole doesn't translate well into Live Journal Land. Oh well. Let me make it clear: I don't hate America and I don't really want to feed Christians to lions. If Jeb Bush becomes the next president I may rethink this policy.

So, yesterday I got paid and went out and bought Rome Girl some jewlery and two Charles Bukowski books because she's never read him and if you are going to be sleeping with the Drunken Ex Pat Writer you probably should.

Then went to Fitzpatrick's where the Dominant Gangster Bartender was raising money to fly Mr. Nice Guy's parents out here. We gave 100 Euro and promised to mention the fundraiser again on the blog.


Moving on, the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians were hosting a gallery opening for one of their painter friends. Free booze + lesbians = I am so fucking there. The exhibit rocked. For the first time in my life I actually bought a painting. It's a mixture of normal paint and spray paint and blacks and reds that look like blood, death, anger sex and mayhem. I fucking love it!

From there we went another party for the gallery opening hosted by The Girl Who Wants To Go Down On Rome Girl and then off to Big Dave's Bar, because Big Dave was playing a concert of folk music. It rocked. Afterwards we were invited to a lesbian shindig at an out of town gay bar tonight. We accepted and I'm hoping to see some Rome Girl On Girl action but this could go either way because:

1. Rome Girl has a fantasy about a girl sucking her tits. This bodes well.

2. Rome Girl has said she thinks pussy "smells like battery acid." This does not bode well.

On the way home it hit me: Fundraisers. Gallery openings. Folk shows. Fantasies about lesbian kissing.

Eeek! I HAVE BECOME MIDDLE AGED YUPPIE SCUM! I need to do some heroin or tequilla to bring back my street cred.

Miss Darling thinks I should try to make peace with my neighbors. I tend to agree with everything she says because while she is just as much of a drunk as I am, she has never been diagnosed as insane and I have. I also feel bad because:

1. My entry aparently freaked out his sister and I really don't ever want to make anyone's sister upset.

2. I made a crack about breaking his legs. I did not know that he only has one leg, which made that comment much, much crueler than it was meant to be and I feel like shit about that.

I'm willing to apologize to him if he'll do the same to me. Given that he's never once appologized for any of his noise, I'm not hopeful, but he has been really, really quiet this week and I appreciate that more than he could ever know.

Plus, Miss Darling says she thinks she can broker peace and I have faith in her. When my little brother was out here last year he attacked The Flying Dutchman, Mr. Twist, the Deadbeat Dad and a random girl. Miss Darling talked everyone out of filing charges against him, which I never thought possible.


P.S. Rome Girl says I should stop buying Miss Darling jack and cokes because everytime I do the night gets too weird and random. The thing is, though, that after my wife left and I was so poor I was living in an apartment without sheets, pillows, blankets or electricity Miss Darling made sure my pint glass was always full and I will never forget that act of kindness. Now that I have more money and she is somewhat broke I want to keep her glass filled with her favorite drink. It just makes me feel good.