October 26th, 2005


You often hear the Irish refered to as "The Little People." One look at Lurch and you would never do so again. This 6 foot 6 hunk of man is all Irish and the Bossman at Fitzpatricks.

As such he is the peacemaker and moderator of the ex pat community here. When Miss Darling wanted to have The Deadbeat Dad arrested, Lurch stepped in. When The Drag Queen wanted to kill Mr. Twist, Lurch came to the rescue.

Lurch has to walk a fine line. He's close to our ages and likes to have fun, but he also has to lay down the law when things get out of control.

His diplomatic skills are a wonderful thing, although his taste in music leaves something to be desired - unless you like hearing the 1927 aucostic version of "Paddy On The Railway" played seven times an evening while you drink.

Lurch's tin ear is more than made up for by the wonderful way he and the Cute Scottish Babe have raised their enourmous brood of children - each and every one of them well mannered, respectful and perfectly behaved - unlike the rest of the English speaking scallywags in Montpellier.

Beyond that Lurch's one passion in life is the Celtic football team - which he would practiclly hitch hike across europe to see.

Raise a six euro pint of Guiness and sing a round of "No. Nay. Never" to Lurch.