October 25th, 2005

Mr. Nice Guy

"I'm a lesbian and still Mr. Nice Guy is just the perfect man," one of the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians said the other day. "He's just perfect looking and such a nice, perfect person."

I can't think of any better overall description of Mr. Nice Guy than that. This Mauritius born dude, always has a smile for everyone, will offer a free pint when you are poor and always makes everyone in the room feel like better people than they were before he got there.

Well read, a perfect moca shade with just enough muscles to be strong, without seeming like a gym boy, Mr. Nice Guy is just that perfect.

"And his girlfriend is really cool," Rome Girl comments. "Most guys like him have girlfriends that are bitches. But, she's really nice, feminine, but not girly and perfect."

This is the guy who remembers everyone's name, a little bit about them and always seems to care.

Unfortunatly, he just went in the hospital. Mr. Nice Guy felt tired one day last week, went in for a check up and found out he has blood problems. As of this writing there was no diagnosis, but he was only being allowed two to three visitors a day and they were still running tests.

Raise your prayers for Mr. Nice Guy!

UPDATE: It's Leukemia, but the "good" type, i.e. it can be treated. He starts chemo in a few days. And any Montpellier people reading this, Lurch is accepting donations at Fitzpatricks to get money together to fly his parents out to visit him here.

She Likes Thick Meat

Tonight I found a new way to make Rome Girl have an orgasm.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Instead of going to the usual French restaurants we went in exile in Fleet Street and hit the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians place for dinner.

While there they served her nine ounces of pure tasty beef.

She hasn't stopped talking about it yet. It may be the best burger this sweet thing has ever had.

All I can say is that if you know a woman who likes to swallow hot beef, Auntie Lou's is the place to go. One can only hope that one day they will serve her a fresh slice of tuna.


P.S. To anyone who knows Mr. Nice Guy. There is a link to Fitzpatrick's on this page on the left hand side. You can contribute to helping get his family out here by contacting Nico Holmes through that link.